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The Nine Houses of Gaia is a non-profit organization whose focus is promoting interest in Earth-based religions, both past and present.

We publish Open Ways 8 times a year on the quarters and cross-quarters.  The Open Ways is an online newsletter and resource for the Northwest Pagan community.

We also host The Northwest Fall Equinox Festival every year in September. For more information and registration forms visit our NW Fall Equinox Festival page.

For ongoing events visit our Ongoing Events page. Here you will find Community activities that happen on the same day or time of the month on a regular basis. If you are looking for something to do and don't see anything of interest in the Ongoing Events page visit the Current Events page. Here you will find events, Ritual information and Community announcements. If you have an event you would like listed let us know. Just keep in mind though, one of the requirements is that the event is free or by donation only.

For Pagan community groups and resources visit our Community Directory page where we have a vast resource index. If you have a community resource you would like listed just let us know. Please read the guidelines first.